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prop=pageterms (wbpt)

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  • This module requires read rights.
  • Source: WikibaseClient
  • License: GPL-2.0-or-later

Get the wikibase-docker terms (typically labels, descriptions and aliases) associated with a page via a sitelink. On the entity page itself, the terms are used directly. Caveat: On a repo wiki, this module only works directly on entity pages, not on pages connected to an entity via a sitelink. This may change in the future.


When more results are available, use this to continue.

Type: integer

The types of terms to get, e.g. 'description', each returned as an array of strings keyed by their type, e.g. {"description": ["foo"]}. If not specified, all types are returned.

Values (separate with | or alternative): alias, description, label
Default: alias|label|description