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  • This module requires read rights.
  • This module requires write rights.
  • This module only accepts POST requests.
  • Source: WikibaseClient
  • License: GPL-2.0-or-later

Creates or updates an entire Statement or Claim.


Statement or Claim serialization

This parameter is required.

The index within the entity's list of statements to move the statement to. Optional. Be aware that when setting an index that specifies a position not next to a statement whose main snak does not feature the same property, the whole group of statements whose main snaks feature the same property is moved. When not provided, an existing statement will stay in place while a new statement will be appended to the last one whose main snak features the same property.

Type: integer

Summary for the edit. Will be prepended by an automatically generated comment. The length limit of the autocomment together with the summary is 260 characters. Be aware that everything above that limit will be cut off.


Change tags to apply to the revision.

Values (separate with | or alternative):

A "csrf" token retrieved from action=query&meta=tokens

This parameter is required.

The numeric identifier for the revision to base the modification on. This is used for detecting conflicts during save.

Type: integer

Mark this edit as bot. This URL flag will only be respected if the user belongs to the group "Bots".

Type: boolean (details)

If this is true, and the entity already has a claim with the same main snak as the claim being sent in the request, then the request is ignored

Type: boolean (details)
Set the claim with the given ID to property P1 with a string value of "City"
api.php?action=wbsetclaim&claim={"id":"Q2$5627445f-43cb-ed6d-3adb-760e85bd17ee","type":"claim","mainsnak":{"snaktype":"value","property":"P1","datavalue":{"value":"City","type":"string"}}} [open in sandbox]
Set the claim with the given ID to property P1 with a string value of "City" and move the claim to the topmost position within the entity's subgroup of claims that feature the main snak property P1. In addition, move the whole subgroup to the top of all subgroups aggregated by property.
api.php?action=wbsetclaim&claim={"id":"Q2$5627445f-43cb-ed6d-3adb-760e85bd17ee","type":"claim","mainsnak":{"snaktype":"value","property":"P1","datavalue":{"value":"City","type":"string"}}}&index=0 [open in sandbox]
Set the Statement with the given ID to Property P1 with a string value of "City" and set the Statement's References to a single Reference featuring the string value "The Economy of Cities" assigned to the Property P2.
api.php?action=wbsetclaim&claim={"id":"Q2$5627445f-43cb-ed6d-3adb-760e85bd17ee","type":"statement","mainsnak":{"snaktype":"value","property":"P1","datavalue":{"value":"City","type":"string"}},"references":[{"snaks":{"P2":[{"snaktype":"value","property":"P2","datavalue":{"value":"The Economy of Cities","type":"string"}}]},"snaks-order":["P2"]}],"rank":"normal"} [open in sandbox]