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12:28 am ozzywood: RT @janeespenson: @garnerhaines When writing a pilot, I like a "premise pilot" the one that sets up the sitch, not a typical ep. More a kind of envy or admiration or a "that's how I'd like to look" thought. They need a parents love like food and water. I love your style. 12:31 am DreamsGrafter: I LOVE it - it is so fast! 12:32 am DreamsGrafter: @covermyscript I saw a hot pink mini tonight - and it had a hot pink phone receiver and cord on the dashboard. 12:32 am janeespenson: @JillBillPill You can INSTANTLY make a character endearing by giving them unrequited love or other foiled desire. 12:32 am janeespenson: @BarryGribble If a joke was funny on Monday, it's funny on Wednesday. 12:33 am tksandal: RT@janeespenson If a joke was funny on Monday, its funny on Wednesday. 12:33 am SKCOMEDY: RT @janeespenson: If a joke was funny on Monday, its funny on Wednesday

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7:50 pm SissiePoohSOD: @fannyfae: precisely, which is why I do my best to pick the projects that I'm going to stick with. 7:45 pm SissiePoohSOD: @jenlinmcclin: I don't have probs w/1st & the middle. 7:45 pm Timsn: I start with characters. So I can say honestly as a man, a Christian, and a Mason, that nothing that is done behind the closed doors of a Masonic lodge would cause a Christian to stray from his love of Christ. Since some perpetrators appear to be witches, they cast that on to their victims, trying to cause the Christian to look like a stereotypical witch, and the witch to appear to be the one living the clean lifestyle, even if they have to drug and kidnap you, busting your body and face up to accomplish it, which also results in no known charges for the criminals, just more mockery of the victims. So I don't see a paradox in viewing men as inferior to women whilst asking for fairness between the genders (even if I don't agree that any gender is inferior - there are too many bad examples of both genders to make be believe that)

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Two prime examples are the personal computer and the compact disc. Or are you planning to? They are it's true origin and cause. Yes, that's true for Oneeyedman.Net drama. You are a true wonder. They wonder what the hell you have been doing while they are left to wait. 7:04 pm DreamsGrafter: @authorViviAnna I wonder if @davidbishop @WorksWithWords @jamesmoran are around tonight? They are beautiful and blessed with a curvaceous figure. Another thing you can carry out if you are feeling pleased with is to just block them for life from getting into your live chat, generally the webcam internet websites provide this method. 7:12 pm authorViviAnna: @thewritertype are u developing it for a production company? 7:10 pm DreamsGrafter: @thewritertype Don't the BBC 3 comedies usually come from radio first? Also still a (narrow) route via BBC radio, esp for comedy. That wthashtag is still cutting off first part of chats. Glad to see some still around. Good drama ideas can still get through

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