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Chapter 736 - Harlow Arrives In The Elven Realm songs kiss

"They then might have at the least talked with you as an alternative to pelting you with arrows," Harlow claimed. "That doesn't could be seen as civil customers to me."

Harlow had another cautious step forward and after that suddenly satisfied in the flesh with a standard handsome man with blonde frizzy hair and blue colored view. Essentially the most eye-catching aspect on his experience was his noticeable pointy ear.

Harlow would have presumed he was welcoming at least safe since she didn't see any weaponry on him… but which has been ignoring the fact that there were at least 100s of arrows prepared to fly in their own path today.

The Crown Princess of Draec's inhalation hitched slightly as she trapped close up underneath Icecube's wing, her only partner and defense. She was keeping her bow and arrow, however it was probably against numerous elven archers if she would fight against them.

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The arrow didn't overlook her whatsoever.

No more wild birds.


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The grasshoppers and crickets had been audible within the back ground in addition to wild birds swooshing and soaring expense of those. Even so, suddenly, almost everything converted into lifeless silence as well as the appears to be of living vanished.

"Agh!" Harlow instinctively shoved the man forward because she was startled. The guy landed on his butt on the floor.

It absolutely was obvious that it person when in front of her was an individual important, or perhaps was guarded by his brethren. Even so, rather then choosing diplomacy, Harlow kept in mind the scar tissue of arrows in the person she talked with previous.

Chapter 736 - Harlow Comes Inside The Elven Realm


"Then they would have at the very least talked together with you rather than pelting you with arrows," Harlow mentioned. "That doesn't appear to be civil men and women to me."

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The Crown Princess of Draec's inhale hitched slightly as she bogged down special underneath Icecube's wing, her only mate and security. She was holding on to her bow and arrow, but it really was probably against a number of elven archers if she would fight against them.

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Icecube produced a snort of snowflakes with an ice-cubes inhale vapour, but also gently nodded. It was subsequently dazzling, clever and Harlow actually acquired a very good connection with her dragon with merely the migration portion staying one thing she hadn't been able to end.

She searched up at her wonderful an ice pack dragon and mentioned, "Icecube, if arrows begin raining upon us, you can utilize your wings to blow them away ideal? Snuff out those elven bastards where they're concealing. Can you accomplish that?"

The grasshoppers and crickets ended up perceptible from the track record in conjunction with birds swooshing and traveling by air overhead of these. However, unexpectedly, every thing transformed into lifeless silence and the appears of lifestyle vanished.

At first, the princess didn't sense everything diverse. Because of Granddad Gewen Athibaud, Harlow experienced realized ways to be hyper-aware of her natural environment and was understanding of smaller improvements although she wasn't a full elf or everything like it.

"Your gents are the type who rainfall straight down arrows on terrible unsuspecting individuals just like me!" Harlow pointed a finger at the elf and regretted it as being an arrow flew previous her fingertip and barely grazed along with it.

Harlow's following location was actually a woodland thought to have individuals vanishing into, but unlike what that brat, Alexei, shared with her, among the list of men and women from Myreen actually managed to go back back to a persons kingdom without the issues.

"They seem to be barbarians if that is the situation," Harlow muttered on the guy.

"Agh!" Harlow instinctively shoved the person forward because she was startled. The man landed on his butt on a lawn.

"..." Harlow's heart and soul skipped a conquer.

Once the precipitation of arrows ended, Harlow located these were surrounded by multiple archers. They shifted stealthily and abruptly did actually show up out of thin air.

The Crown Princess of Draec complained into the man who had multiple arrow scarring on his biceps and triceps. Harlow sensed like those elves simply saw humans as reduced critters and even dogs they needed to run after gone.

Depending on the traveler who aided set the destination on the princess' guide, as he passed by via the forest, a literal bad weather of arrows commenced showering on him and this man felt like he was getting hunted downwards.


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"Settle down folks, she's only watchful for a good reason. We do delight her." The elf identified as to his folks and stood nearly his feet. He dusted off his clothing then glanced in Harlow's route.

The grasshoppers and crickets ended up audible within the backdrop as well as birds swooshing and flying overhead of them. Having said that, abruptly, everything transformed into dead silence plus the appears to be of life vanished.

"..." Harlow's center skipped a defeat.

At the beginning, the princess didn't sense anything at all various. Because of Uncle Gewen Athibaud, Harlow acquired acquired the best way to be hyper-conscious of her area and was sensitive to little shifts despite the fact that she wasn't the full elf or everything want it.

Both the ones slowly entered into the forest, the dragon's claws crunching against every little thing it stepped on. Solid logs had been crushed underneath and trodden by its toes as Icecube and Harlow traveled through the forest.

"Boo!" he shouted.

A stern warning to not lay down a palm for the particular person when in front of Harlow.

I realize it feels like Harlow is on the crazy goose chase hahaha... plus it would take a moment before she meets Raphael, but remember to show patience. He shows himself when he is prepared.

The idea that Raphael… that Ice Prince was related to elves manufactured perception when they were jerks that way. It had been for the very reason why Harlow was really tense and cautious about joining the woodland.

I realize it seems like Harlow is with a wilderness goose chase hahaha... and it also would take a while before she meets Raphael, but make sure you remain calm. He will show himself as he is ready.

At first, the princess didn't feel something distinct. As a result of Uncle Gewen Athibaud, Harlow obtained learned tips on how to be super-mindful of her surroundings and was sensitive to modest modifications regardless that she wasn't a whole elf or anything at all want it.

The arrow didn't overlook her by any means.

Harlow required another cautious leap forward and next abruptly attained in person which has a typical handsome gentleman with blonde curly hair and blue eye. By far the most stunning feature on his experience was his visible pointy ear.