Couple Transform Bank On George Clarke apos;s Remarkable Renovations

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A couple who bought a Grade II listed Victorian bank on their local high street for £50,000 have revealed their unrecognisable transformation of the property into a stunning family home on George Clarke's Remarkable Renovations.
Richard and Sarah, from Cornwall, had been banking at the building in St Columb Major for 20 years when they bought it at an auction in 2017, and began working on renovating it into an Insta-worthy four bedroom house in 2019. 
The couple appear on the Channel 4 programme tonight as they reveal their hopes to transform the 5,000 sq ft property in less than a year for a budget of just £100,000.
But the couple's build is hampered by difficulties from the outset, including delays with planning permission and the crisis, pushing their project bill up to £350,000. 
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Meanwhile upstairs in the bank, the couple remove the ceiling in their master bedroom and create a stunning cavernous suite (left, before, and right, after) 
The couple, who have two young daughters, had been banking at the building for 20 years before they decided to buy the magnificent building (pictured after the renovation) 
In 1857, the bank house was built but as the economy grew, locals needed new places to put their cash and in 1893, the Cornish bank arrived.